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Consider yourself in this scenario: You and a colleague are outside consultants hired to conduct a program evaluation of the Office of Alumni Affairs at a fictitious college that you will read about in the case study that forms the basis of your final project.  Create a draft of the executive summary of the program evaluation for the college presented in the case study.  The components you must draft at this stage are:  A description of the organization, the fictitious college named Binchley College A description of the role of the program’s functional area within the organization—the Office of Alumni Affairs An analysis of how the roles and practices of various enterprise employees impact that functional area, and an explanation of this program evaluation’s value in relation to the institutional mission—evaluate the information provided in the job descriptions for employees in the Office of Alumni Affairs, Binchley College’s mission statement, and the description of the Office of Alumni Affairs A description of what program activity will be evaluated Why the evaluation will be conducted The report’s intended audience Others who might find the report of interest


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