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  The aim of this task is to analyse a contemporary industrial relations issue using relevant theory. Students will select a recent Australian case with implications for employment relations. Examples are:  Australian Cricketers – ACA (2017) Chemist Warehouse – NUW (2019) DP World – MUA (ongoing) Port Kembla Coal – CFMEU (2016-2019) Alcoa – AWU (2017-2019) Your Task Provide a brief history and context of the case. You should outline the nature of the issues, show the significance of the case, and the outcome of the bargaining or predictions of possible outcomes. Examine the views and positions of the different parties or actors in the case and how these relate to each other. Outline any relevant legal, political, social, economic or technological aspects to the issue and how these factors shape the issues. If you were a neutral consultant on the case, what solutions or policy recommendations would you put forward in order to safeguard both economic productivity and workers’ voice and welfare? Utilise relevant theory and literature to explain the underlying causes of the issues and possible solutions. Length – 1500 words (excluding the reference list) (+/- 10%)


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