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  Instructions As a project manager,keep it simple. You are considering using either the risk driver method of project cost risk analysis or the traditional 3-point cost analysis on your latest project. Write a paper with a minimum of 8 pages comparing and contrasting the steps of the traditional 3-point cost analysis method and the risk driver method. provide a specific example that determines total project cost with 4 cost elements using the 3-point cost analysis method. Show each step of the process and the associated tables to depict the data. Your paper should do the following: Fully define and describe the steps of the risk driver method and the 3-point method. Compare and contrast each method giving pros and cons. Develop sample project cost estimates using a spreadsheet as well as discuss contingencies. Include a table with the following data to support your example: Project cost element table with associated 3-point estimates, mean, and variances. Total project standard deviation and total project mean. Discuss how to prioritize risks to cost, risk mitigation and schedule. Cumulative probability distribution (10%-90%) table for the total project cost.


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