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respond to this discussion   Hello all, Change control is your ability to make swift and accurate decisions in the best interest of the project outcome  should an unplanned incident or request occur in a project. Change control is needed so the project can remain adherent to its objectives and finish in the time allotted-and that includes extra time if requests have been made and approved. As an example, my daughter is an instructional designer and often clients come in with change requests regarding the curriculum or training they have requested for her make. Sometimes its a quick fix in wording but other times its a complete design change that could take her off her schedule for days or even weeks at a time. She has somewhat learned to build in time for these issues but the key insight she taught me was that she needed to improve on her ability to really listen to what the client wanted and ask the right questions. I would encourage project managers to do the same when taking on a project. Often people think they are saying something they are not and it is up to you to clarify. I have learned my lessons behind this and it has since made me a better leader. 


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