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In an acid-base titration experiment, a 75.00 mL volume of 0.13 M ammonium hydroxide solution was titrated with a 0.16 M HCl. This system will no longer represent a buffer system after the added volume of the titrant exceeds this threshold value: 

a) 9.75 mL    b) 60.94 mL    c) 92.31 mL   d) None of the above

Please provide all work and formulas necessary along with the worked out problem in order to receive credit for solving this problem. You will be flagged for knowingly providing an incorrect answer unless you follow these directions. The Correct Answer is B) 60.94 mL

4 ? 4 = ? = 4 ? 4 = 75.00 ? 0.13 0.16 = 60.937


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