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Write a 11 page essay on Advanced Systems Design Project.

among other control devices attached to it. Consequently, the device and provide the service and size requirement for the device. Therefore, the paper will provide the architecture, module, and operation of the automated landscape topography device that will help the surveying operators to survey their field autonomously. The machine will collect the information and measure the size of the landscape. The machine will operate by closely monitoring the landscape where the land surveyors and the operators can mitigate the size of the landscape. The device will operate silently and take readings of the landscape on the specific monitoring points that are installed on the landscape. The device will take measurements on day to day basis and will detect errors that might occur on their reading. The information will then be sent to the project remotely. The equipment will need a power source and the operators will work hand in hand with the owners of the property on how the power outlet will be accessed.

The reason behind implementing the system is to collect the information of a landscape and also measure the movement of the building and its landscape. The equipment will also closely monitor the landscape and the building and mitigate some of the potential damages that might occur on the landscape.

The automatic device instrument will function by detecting the latitude and altitudes through various process. The detection of the energy that will be emitted will be important in coming up with topographical maps. However the device will only be able to detect a specific location that it will cover for the map. The efficiency of the device will vary from one instrument to the other. It is assumed that the device will only be able to see specific sections of the landscape. Therefore, it will be important to extrapolate the right landscape from the one that is tabulated. The device will also be in a position to measure the angle. The


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