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Compose a 2000 words essay on John Locke. Needs to be plagiarism free!

(BookRags) Locke’s date of birth was on the twenty-eighth day of August in the year 1634 (Woolhouse 10). He belonged to a developed family with a father who was an attorney in the local government. John Locke was lucky to receive diverse education from the time he was a kid. Locke’s father used connections to get him into Westminster School Boys, which was a very prestigious school at that time (Woolhouse 10). The paper critically analyzes the works and thoughts of John Locke with the aim of understanding the way he viewed the world. John Locke was a passionate advocate for human freedom, which is evidenced by the ideas and notions he presents in his literary works. Locke uses philosophy, religion and politics to emphasize the importance of human freedom.

A critical analysis of all the literary works of John Locke reveals a persistent support for freedom (Delaney 23). John Locke played a very significant role in the development and growth of liberalism. The varied nature of Locke’s educational background gave him the opportunity to view the world from an empirical perspective supported by the religious tenets that advocate for the natural law of God. All through his life, Locke endeavors to explain the power of an independent mind. He openly criticizes the church and the government that attempts to take away the fundamental freedom of acting independently from the people.

One of the notable literary works of John Locke was An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. The essay touches on the foundations of philosophy be questioning how human beings think. It touches on the use of language for self-expression, religious practices and logic. In the beginning part of the book, Locke gives a detailed narration of the circumstances that led him to the current philosophical mode. He posits that he realized that human beings struggled in their search for knowledge because they cannot fathom that the mind has limits. In


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