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As a result, I preferred the utilization of online sandbox tools that I believed were effective enough in terms of appropriately evaluating the malware code and generating effective results based on which, I could understand the percentage of system data that was damaged. I preferred utilizing the cuckoo sandbox tool, but despite of my numerous attempts, the generated result was not appropriate due to the absence of certain extension files within the sandbox’s online database. Overall, my efforts did not suffice me with expected positive results due to inappropriateness of the online tools (Cuckoo Foundation, 2014).

I believe that the intensive work pressure on the system administrators at the end of each working day was the main cause of this event. The centralized pattern of this organization’s IS system can be considered as another reason that increased workload on the system administrators. The entire event was a result of mere carelessness where the administrators mistakenly allowed two suspicious mails into the main system without prior evaluation of the content within it. Both the mails were equipped with some sort of concealed malware codes that distorted the systematic arrangement of the system and even led to a considerable amount of data corruption. Moreover, the time taken by me for evaluating the system was sufficient for the malware code fragment to cause considerable damages to the data accessibility gateways. This in turn halted the entire communication of the central branch with all other associated branches in different geographic locations (Cuckoo Foundation, 2014).

Correspondingly, after the system damage, I wanted to examine the malware code myself in the standalone sandbox setup within our organization. I felt that effective understanding of the malware code might help me in generating its appropriate digital signature pattern, which I can eventually update within


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