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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Human behavior in orgzations. It needs to be at least 500 words.

It is, because organizational behavior has a direct influence on productivity that is the chief managerial concern.

Defining organization behavior Robbins (p.11) states, “OB is concerned with the study of what people do in an organization and how their behavior affects the organization’s performance.” OB is a very vast concept that may include the study of simple disciplinary matters of employees, interactions, reactions, employment of power and skills, turnover, leadership, performance, communications, actions and perceptions etc. hence there is no consensus on the definition of OB among researchers and scholars. Minor (2006, p. 40) observes, “Although it does seem that consensus is at a rather low level overall within organizational behavior, there are subfields and sectors where this is not the case.” However, Ostrof, Kinicki & Tamkins (cited in Kinicki, p.41) have presented a more comprehensive and objective definition of the concept, “Organizational culture is the set of shared, taken-for-granted implicit assumptions that a group holds and that determines how it perceives, thinks about, and reacts to its various environments.”

The increasing need to understand and react according to the demands of organizational behavior has exposed managers to tough challenges of interpersonal skills and expertise. Today, the effectiveness and success of a manager is heavily associated with his knowledge and commitment to the OB. Studies have shown that managers with better communication and networking skills are effective and successful.

Managers need to administer human resource extensively and keeping in touch with lower level employees and higher-level managers simultaneously has become inevitably important to achieve managerial objectives for the organization. Horizontal and vertical communication with individuals and groups can help to bridge gaps and evade


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