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Write a 10 page essay on Analyse the critical HR actions multinational corporations should take to facilitate expatriate adjustment.


Black and Gregerson (1991) have described expatriate adjustment to foreign assignments as “the degree of psychological comfort with various aspects of a host country,” (p. 463). This has led to many of the domestic employees being exported into exotic locations and countries with diverse cultures and economic systems.

Similarly, local companies lacking appropriate expertise and human resources are increasingly seeking expatriates to operate their expansive production units as well as provide training to the domestic workforce. Experienced labourers in saturated markets also seek employment abroad as they lack employment opportunities within their domestic locations or crave for better remuneration that accompanies foreign assignments (Swarts and Plessis, 2007).

Foreign assignments and postings generally prompt exuberant excitement from those employees chosen to undertake such tasks as the prospect of career advancement, finance increments and other benefits beckon. However, these feelings of career windfall quickly wane once they get to the actual locations. The probable causes of the trauma are ‘cultural shock, language barriers, and severance from the relatives’ will ultimately impinge on the work, efficiency and expenses to the organisation. The expatriates’ agitation means that they either adjust to the locality conditions or abscond from the assignment and return to their home countries (Koteswari and Bhattacharya, 2007). The dysfunctional cost of stress in overseas postings may lead to detrimental consequences like, skiving, drunkenness and drug addiction, high turnovers, untimely exit, internal and external antagonism, nonattendance, among others.

A study by the University of Pretoria (2008) on expatriate turnovers in foreign postings, principally on their attitude to the jobs revealed that ‘organisational commitment and job


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