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Write a 7 page essay on Choose a Technology that you think should be improved or developed.

This later saw other manufactures come in to the field of designing better vehicles rather than a horse drawn carriage which was fitted with engine. It was until the year 2005 that the USA led the world in total automobile production. Before the great depression in 1929, the whole world is known to have had approximately 32m automobiles in operation whereby,

the US contributed to 90% of this total production. (Bajaria, 2001).

An automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle whose role is to transport passengers and goods from one point to another which carries its own engine. We cannot fail to mention the role which these automobiles have played towards the growth of our economies. In the field of transport, goods and services can be transported from one region to another. Trade has been enabled here between countries since goods are exported and also imported hence customers are in a position to enjoy a wide variety of products in the market. Basically, automobiles are designed to run on roads, most of them have more than one wheels, and have seats for passengers to sit on. This is one of the advanced technologies so far. This is because, you find that it is out of the introduction of these cars then that people are in a position to move from one town to another and even from one country to another. This technology has many advantages than its disadvantages though it can also be improved. Most of these vehicles move on roads and our argument here will be based on the cars which move on roads. (Bajaria, 2001).

Around the whole world, there are approximately 807 million light trucks and cars in our roads. This was out of a research which was carried in a sample of countries around the world in the year 2007 which were consuming over 260 billion US gallons of diesel and gasoline fuel around the year. The table below show how important this technology has been. In India, the table below shows


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