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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses ART METAL SCULPTURE.

The location of this sculpture is outside East Entrance Parking Lot N, a campus setting.

Harold’s metal sculpture resembles two joined elliptical forms whose common joint acts as resting base in an ample clearance or setting. On its two sides, these elliptical forms bear a common inclination angle such that from a distance when viewing from its wide side resembles an eagle flying with its outstretched wings but swung in certain equal inclinations at both sides.

Joinery of this work encompassed welded steel and Corten before flattened in such a way at the middle. The entire artwork its sculptor has painted it dark brown color, which makes it come out clearly from its settings bearing natural vegetative colors. Specifically, these are green, bright, and blue sky from the background. Hence, inducing a calmness, refreshing and relaxing moods evident in the way these colors as well as settings of the entire sculpture compliment each other.

The location of this work is outside East Entrance Parking Lot N, which is a campus setting. Its entire structure rests on a flattened joinery where the two elliptical forms give an impression of meet at the central point. hence, the sculptor here utilizes the aspect of balance to ensure it is upright. Viewing from its four sides, the viewer only manages to see two identical sides. These include the two sides, front side and the rear one.

Sculptor in making his work utilized welded and Corten steels with the intention of bringing out machinery effect. This is because many elliptical objects or forms are quite evident in engineering field whereby smooth and well-curved surfaces gives an implication of keenness by the artists and those represented by the object. Its smoothness and side view elevation gives an implication of heightened skill in making fabricated materials. Consequently, this symbolizes a resourceful center characterized with impeccable ways of attaining their


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