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Write 2 page essay on the topic Critique of 41 and 42.

Pelagius asserted that the glory of the rational mind is based on the ability of man to choose freely whatever is virtuous to him. While referring to the virgin, Pelagius argues that man, like the virgin, must recognize his own strengths. This realization would enable him employ to the full. Man should teach the mind that it is possible to do anything that one certainly wants to do.

Pelagius tries to justify the fact that the virgin made a wise decision. Pelagius claims the existence of a certain form of natural sanctity in the minds of men that play key roles regarding Christianity and holiness. He states that this natural sanctity, like the mind’s citadel is able to administer judgments to the sinner and righteous. The mind also condemns wrong actions committed by the person. It also has the ability to distinguish the one side from the other basing on the inner law.

In other words, the Pelagius was supporting the fact that human being has inherent law that originates in the mind. Unlike the common laws, these inner laws are most reliable and incorruptible of witness. These kinds of laws are distinct from the common laws in that they are implanted in the hearts of men and women. However, the author acknowledges the fact that although man has the freedom to choose what is true or evil, others find it difficult to do good. He states that people have long habits of doing wrong (Augustine 216).

This habit is ingrained in the people’s minds and heart and has infected humankind from childhood. These habits are what hold man in bondage and slavery. Pelagius termed this kind of bondage as acquired because it is not inherent. This means that it is possible for man to avoid sinning only if he accepts and repent.

However, in text 42 of the article, we are presented with another version of the human nature and grace. This is where Augustine of Hippo explained his theological point of view of grace. Augustine was responding


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