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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses It is a discussion post about ocean fisheries sustainability.

1. Some fishing practices are harmful to the fish and have been branded illegal and even banned in some of the countries that heavily rely on fishing as a major income earner. Some destructive practices should hence be banned round the globe so as to protect all ocean habitats and salvage the lives of the fish. Pollution that also poses a great danger to marine should also be a major concern thus measures put in place to curb and control polluted drainage to ocean habitats. Another way to put off overfishing along with by catch is to withdraw from eating fish as well as other seafood. According to Dr. Sylvia Earle, famous marine scientist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, people should take a break from consuming seafood until they learn better how to uphold healthy fish as well as wildlife populations (“Sylvia Earle – National Geographic Adventure Magazine,” n.d.).

3. With a familiarity of the threats to ocean fisheries sustainability, it is, therefore, essential to act towards working on them so as to change the face of the fishing industry. Stringent fishing rules and regulations ought to be put in place so as to govern on how fishing is carried out with a bid of avoiding instances of overfishing (Palma, Tsamenyi & Edeson, 2010). By so doing, ocean habitats are bound to be protected and no risk of extinctions.

4. Nations around the globe have been up in arms with the intent of devising applicable approaches aimed at supporting ocean fisheries sustainability. Fisheries may gain from reserves when they assist in replenishing nearby habitats via spillover of adult organisms as well as dispersal of larvae. The rise in the biomass of business species within marine reserves has been known to increase the reproductive output provided the reproductive grounds are incorporated in the reserves (Greenberg, 2014).

Palma, M. A., Tsamenyi, M., & Edeson, W. R.


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