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Project Description: Part 1: The term project is a written report (case study) on the management practices of an organization. The objective is to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter covered in the course and your ability to apply that knowledge.

Each student has some freedom in selecting the company to study. You may select a Fortune 500 company, any large or small, private or public organization. However the organization you select must be one that has displayed exemplary management practices or achieved excellence in some area. Please bear in mind that you need to select a company for which information is publicly available.

B. Content of Report: Your report should include but is not limited to:

Organizational Mission, Values, Customers and Competitors, Present the organization’s mission statement, Provide a brief history of the organization

Identify its main customers and competitors.

Part 2: Organizational Environments and Culture

Describe the environmental change (rate at which the company’s general and specific environment changes). Is the environment stable or dynamic?

Describe the environmental complexity (the number and intensity of external factors that affect organization). Is the environment simple or complex?

Discuss the key factors in the organization’s general environment and how they have impacted its success

Discuss the key factors in the organization’s specific environment and how they have impacted its success

Discuss actions that management has taken to control its environment

Describe the organizational culture and discuss how that has changed or remained constant over time

Discuss how that culture has contributed to the organization’s success.

Part 3: Managing Innovation and Change

Discuss the role that innovation has played in the success of the company

Discuss how the company manages change and assess the effectiveness of their process.


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