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INDUSTRY SPEAKER REFLECTION PAPER ASSIGNMENT   PURPOSE OF THE PAPER? To incorporate your learning from 3 areas of the course: 1. The 5 Industry Speaker Lecture Sessions, 2. The 5 Business Ethics Articles you read at the beginning of the semester, and 3. The Business Ethics discussion questions you had to critically reflect on during each Topic Module.   HOW DO YOU DO THIS? Reflect upon the 5 Industry Speaker Lecture Sessions by answering the following main question:   How were the ethical concepts that you learned about this semester reflected in each Industry Speaker Lecture Session?   To answer this question, analyze the 5 Industry Speaker Lecture Sessions by writing about each session in no more than one paragraph each (note – it may be a long paragraph).   WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD EACH PARAGRAPH INCLUDE? Each paragraph should include the following: 1. Speaker information 2. Review of the speaker’s biography 3. Assessment of the speaker’s presentation 4. Analysis of the speaker’s discussion of ethical issues   For more guidance on how to analyze the lectures, see the “Suggested Questions for Reflection” and “Business Ethics Discussion Questions” below.   WHAT ARE THE FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS? You MUST answer in complete sentences, with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Be thoughtful about your responses, merely repeating back things that the speaker said do NOT count as “reflections”. Instead, be specific about how the speakers’ statements impacted you.   Use Times New Roman 12-point font, Single Spaced. Remember, only 1 paragraph per lecture (total of 5 paragraphs). A paragraph is at least 5 sentences, but given the depth of your assessment, we expect your paragraphs will be much longer.   You MUST also cite each of the 5 Business Ethics Articles you read at the beginning of the semester, using APA citation style. See the following link for citation guidelines: l_format.html   ***********


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