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Write 3 page essay on the topic Writing about corrlational stuies.

Patrowski. Substantially, the researcher bases on general assumptions regarding ESL students and thus, tries to establish its validity. Apprehensions regarding learners who use minority language are deemed to be limited in their studies due to the perceived language barrier. The problem therefore is that they are oftentimes stuck in furthering ESL courses instead of attaining an elevated comprehensive learning experience.

They become in essence improperly restricted in their apposite learning process.

The 271 students were selected as they were part of the ESL program at CUNY. Primarily, the researcher chose them for their inclusion in the program. Another important aspect was the availability of their records to the researcher as they are within the same academic institution. The information collected by the researcher includes their entrance exam scores which integrated their aptitude in math, reading and composition. It also incorporates their ‘persistence’ which involves how they perform academically together with their diligence in pursuing tertiary education.

The subjects were chosen perceptibly for their significance in what the author is trying to establish. He also recognizes that its relevance may be fragmentary as it is only focused in one university but he still maintain that it is of import in terms of the issue the research is trying to attain. In particular this is also because of the variance that is palpable in today’s ‘ethnolinguistically diverse institutions.’

Students’ success were measured by (1) their CPA or their cumulative grade point averages through a grading system based in the usual “4 point” system wherein O=F and 4=A and (2) based on six criterion. Referred to as “SCS rating” this composed of. completing their courses on development, a 2.0 GPA or higher, finishing their freshman papers, gaining the required 6 units Core Curriculum, a minimum 50 credits and a 70% attempted


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