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Write a 11 page essay on Week 10 Cis 329 technical paper.

(Northcutt, 2002)

Companies must be cautious of security breaches. They should follow best practices, which include having policies in place to take care of any incidents of security breaches. They should able to detect what information has been mishandled and decide who the proper monitoring authorities are and whom they can report to. Affected clients should also be alerted.

The main task is to help advance security of the company’s IT infrastructure after a chain of network security breaches. These breaches comprises of someone getting in to the network who is not authorized , and accredited users being requested for their passwords by anonymous person claiming to work in the companies department. The senior systems administrator in this company will work and be able to bring together a team of systems administrators including other members of the IT (information technology) staff. His/her precise duties are going to vary depending on the area that the institution focuses on. The senior systems administrator will maintain the computer systems of the company, and offer hardware support to personal computers and other peripherals for the office workforces. The position requires that they purchase different parts for the computer network. In addition, training and supervising prospective IT employees falls under the senior administrator’s job description. (Northcutt, 2002)

Information technology system lapses and breaches of data security may disrupt the Company’s capacity to function in the customary course of operation by potentially triggering delays or termination of customer orders, blocking the manufacture of goods, or causing the unpremeditated disclosure of Company information. Management has engaged in steps to address these concerns for its own systems by executing important network security and in-house controls. (Conti, 2007)

Information system security is the practice of defending information from


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