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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: MGT501.

There are no things present in a corporation that are not part of the culture. All things are. Now, that may mean that they negatively affect or positively affect the culture but they are still part of it. The culture consists of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of social and ethnic groups as well as patterns of language,

dress, eating habits, activities of daily living, and attitudes. It also includes attitudes toward other culture, health beliefs and values, spiritual beliefs or religious orientation and attitudes toward children, women, men, marriage, education, work and recreation (Chitty & Black, 2007). As one can see culture is all that we are personally as well as corporately.

Organizational culture is a cross-section of all of the cultures that its employees bring with them. National culture is just that. For example, the United States has a totally different culture than Mexico but a Mexican-American organization has a culture that is part of both cultures brought by the employees and blended. Corporate culture is a” set of common understandings of meanings that are shared by a group or system of knowledge, standards and beliefs.”(

All employees are affected by the overall corporate culture. However, employees and managers are different subcultures of the corporate culture. The management staff have a culture of their own in which they have behaviors that are expected of them, values that they believe in and assumptions that they make. The same holds true of employees. The working staff is a combination of the two in which there is a blending of the managements beliefs and the employees beliefs. In the Culture Crash case study there were some truly important differences in the cultures of the management staff and the employees. In this case the cultures were so different that the employees did not know what to expect when the merger first happened. However, eventually they merged into the culture provided and


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