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Write 1 page essay on the topic Can you Light Your Water on Fire.

Fox set out across America looking for information about the methods of drilling natural gas and their effects on the environment and people’s health and areas within the drilling locations. Locally, he paid a visit to Dimock, Susquehanna County, where the drilling of natural gas had already been happening. A family that he profiled had had worries about their supply of water being contaminated. He established similar worries in inhabitants of other states that were host to drilling, such as Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado (

One of the most significant concerns presented by the movie is the ruining of watersheds. The waters are being contaminated, and fishes die. The movie also shows inhabitants of a region drilled in Pennsylvania who reveal their ability to set ablaze the water oozing from their kitchen sinks. Another serious concern is that the inhabitants, including their pets, developed severe health problems, as a result of contaminated water after the drilling started. Therefore, health concern is another crucial issue. The movie reveals that hydraulic fracturing poses an intolerable risk to public health, and thus should be brought to a stop.

Chevron argues that developing this resource of Shale’s natural gas can facilitate enhanced fuel job growth, strengthened economies and energy security. He says that natural gas from shale rock is providing the U.S. with cleaner, affordable, reliable and reliably produced energy. Chevron says that natural gas is the cleanest-burning conservative fuel that produces lower greenhouse gas’ levels discharges than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as oil and coal. Natural gas resources that have been developed from shale rock have brought about cheaper natural gas for consumers in the U.S., making it cheaper for Americans to generate electricity and heat their homes from natural gas (

” Shale Gas | Energy Sources | Chevron.” Chevron


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