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During this period, many children books came up for publication, which included the Little House, the Hobbit, among others (Tolkien 1). However, these books received a lot of criticism based on their morality, purpose, themes, and target audience. The Hobbit by John Tolkien is one of the children books published from the period between the Golden Age and the Silver Age–roughly 1920 to 1950 and received numerous criticisms.

The Hobbit is a childrens book with a lot of comic, which is popular and recognized in childrens literature. The author published the book inn 1937 in the midst of wide criticism. The novel has attracted international recognition in children literature. The Hobbit has different characters and depicts continued human quest. The Hobbit narrates the story of a simple English man, Bilbo Baggins as he seeks to possess a share of the treasure guarded by the dragon, Smaug (“The Tolkien Society” 1). The story also depicts human greed and human conflict as all characters disagree at the end of the story. The main themes of the novel include heroism and personal growth while warfare is a dominant motif in the novel that attracts critics over the experiences of the World War I as seen in the novel. There have been variant adaptations of the novel where every adaptation received critical recognition.

The novel depicts a glorious, challenging, and entertaining adventure that entails humor and suspense (Eaton 1). The novel uses understandable language and English comics to entertain children. Additionally, the ideals of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Abramson 1) are part of the novel. Notably, the novel presents a clear view of the authors thoughts about human complexity and human development combined with the ideas of Scandinavian epics he studied as well as a reflection of middle-class life in England as seen in the plot, character, and themes in the novel


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