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I will pay for the following essay Book review 3. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The whole idea was conceptualized after a five year teaching of high ranked executives in the world’s best Harvard Entrepreneur program. From her observations, it became evident that majority of her students spent very little time in picturing and actualizing their own companies’ strategies.

Leadership and strategy are inseparable. This is a point missed out by many leaders. Clearly as seen, strategies are not ‘how to’ functions in an organization. They cannot be executed on their own, and thus the need for a strong leadership background. There is a very little understanding of the intertwined intimate relationship between leadership and strategy. For this reason, managers keep seeking professional advice from external specialists to help in making company analysis and strategically position them for competitive advantage. This has made strategy a lucrative business for most experts. A question that every business leader must answer is, “Does your company matter?” (Montgomery pp. 13). For this reason, leaders should not only be willing and ready to learn on how best to be effective managers but also creatively think of possible ways through which their businesses can prosper. In real sense, vey many leaders find it extremely difficult to trace the existence of their companies and thus cannot even describe or identify the needs in their individual companies. This causes lots of confusion at the lower levels of management because of the colliding decisions at the top. Since leadership and the strategy are inseparable, a question is posed to business leaders. “Are you a strategist?” (Montgomery pp. 20). A strategist is a leader who wholeheartedly guides the ongoing process from the conception of an idea, its execution, and post convincing results. A strategist carefully watches, identifies, makes decisions, and risks other opportunities for


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