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Write 12 page essay on the topic Avianca.

It now invests in latest technology to serve the customers better both in services and prices. Its Vision for 2010 is to be the Leading Airline of America.

Avianca, the airline of Colombo, was the first airline to be founded in the American continent and the second one in the world, and started as Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transporte Aéreo,

SCADTA on 5th December 1919. It performed its first flight between Barranquilla and the nearby town of Puerto Colombia, aboard a Junker F-13, which also carried 57 letters ( It started operating on international routes by mid 1920s and initially covered destinations in Venezuela and the United States. On 14th June 1940 it was renamed as Avianca. Since then airline has contributed to the construction and development of Columbia. Avianca was a stable and dependable airline and had a steady growth until the late 1990s. This paper will discuss the reasons that led to the decline, instability and losses, and how the airline fought itself back to the current position.

Over the years, Avianca expanded its route to include South America, Central America, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of Europe. Its fleet included Boeing 757, and Boeing 767, MD-83, Fokker 50. In 1994, a strategic alliance was established between three most important enterprises of the aeronautical sector of Colombia: Avianca, SAM (acronym of Sociedad Aeronáutica de Medellín), and Helicol (acronym of Helicópteros Nacionales de Colombia). This merger offered specialized services in Cargo (Avianca Cargo) and mail (Postal Services), and had the most modern aircraft fleet in Latin America (Wikipedia. n.d.). In December 1998, Avianca opened its hub in Bogota to serve passengers in Columbia and the world. It allowed travelers to access near 6,000 weekly possible connections, and greater number of frequencies, schedules and destinations served. It also had code share agreements with Delta, Air Canada, Iberia,


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