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Write 3 page essay on the topic Louis Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong was born on August fourth 1994 in the New Orleans state.

He was born from a poor background in Battlefield a place in New Orleans although he became the most the most influential artist on that time in the history of music. Louis Armstrong bought himself his first horn and he learned playing cornet when he was 13 years old. At the age of 11 years he was sent to juvenile prison for firing a gun during the eve of New Year. He was a hardworking and helped his mother and sister to sing for coins in the streets in the night. Louis Armstrong was released from the juvenile prison and he joined certain artist and band in the street club so that he could support himself as a musician. Louis Armstrong worked with his mentor Joe who was referred as King Oliver. King Oliver was a popular musician in New Orleans together with Jelly Roll Morton. In 1922 Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago and joined Creole Jazz Band. They took Chicago by storm with his remarkable fiery and dazzling two-cornet. Louis Armstrong began dating a fellow band pianist and they married in 1924 (Riggs 17).

Louis Armstrong was born in a poor background in the New Orleans. The most popular instrument used was the cornet or trumpet, the clarinet, and trombone that provided a bass (Riggs 18). These instruments together with the drums and pianos provided the rhythm for jazz music. Jazz music was an interracial genre that every person could here. Both the blacks, Italians and whites played jazz. From where Louis was born, ethnicity provided an opportunity that improved partying

Louis Armstrong made contribution in jazz singing. His singing was unique and some of his recording was cited as the birth of scat-singing. He also exerted more influence on the early jazz vocal styles. Louis singing and phrasing as a musician was incorporated with syncopations of jazz and stood out for balance between sentimental toughness and roughness of jazz music. Louis Armstrong


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