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  1. Ethan’s class is handing out balloon arrangements consisting of 4 balloons each. Each balloon has an equally likely chance of being red, blue, or yellow. Ethan created a spinner to simulate this probability. Here is Ethan’s data from 30 trials of 4 spins on the spinner (r = red, b = blue, y = yellow):

    ybrr bybb rbbb rrry rbbb rryy yybb ryry ryyr rbyr ryyr rryy rrrr yrby bbyy byyr byyr byyb rbby ybry rryy rbrr rybb bbbr rrbr ybry ryrr rryb rrrb rryr

    According to this data, what is the experimental probability that an arrangement will contain exactly one blue balloon?

    A 0.25

    B 0.633

    C 0.667

    D 0.367


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