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This is a typical table that can be given to you, pertaining to pressure equivalents. Answer the questions below, as best you can, based on the information provided in this table 

(From the table, 1 Bar = 100 KPA, and 1 KPA = 0.01 Bar – please check this, so you don’t make a           mistake).

a)     20 KPa = ? kilograms per square centimetre? (1 Mark)

b)     20 KPa = ? pounds per square inch? (1 Mark)

c)     How does psi differ from pounds per square inch? (1 Mark)

d)     150 PSI = ? Bar? (1 Mark)

e)     23 inches of mercury = ? KPa? (1 Mark)

1 atmosphere at sea level = ? feet of water & ? kilogram per square 


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