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MGT 315 Assignment 3 Create a template for a risk assessment matrix in Excel: ? It should be the same probability, impact, and severity level definitions as RAM presented in Module 2. ? Using the RAM you created, depict “As-is” and “To-be” scores for Risk 1 (p.144) and Risk 10 (p.146) from Project Curiosity. Follow approach as in Raydugin, pp.129-136 and 141-147 from Module 3. ? Identify which of the five risk addressing strategies are used in Risks 1 and 10 addressing actions. Defend your answer. (Raydugin, pp. 136-140). ? Describe how to merge addressing actions into project work plans: (Raydugin, p.152) ? Describe requirements for decision gates: (Raydugin, pp.158-160).


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