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1.)Test Statistic


Suppose that a random sample of 100 menbetween the ages of 25 and 54 was selected and it was found that 83 were currently workng A similar sample of 100 women was selected and 73 wereworking . Complete parts a and b belowUsing a = 0.05 , can it be concluded that the proportion of inI men in this age group who are working differsng differs from the proportion of women who are working ?etermine the null and alternative hypotheseseses . Choose the correct answer belowOA HO PMOB HO PMHy : PM = PWHI : PM PWHO : PM * PWHO : PMHI : PM # PWOF H PMHy : PM PWHI : PM SAWWhat is the test statistic ?( Round to two decimal places as needed . )


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