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A barbell of length d = 0.4 m is mountedon a massless rod of length b = 0.9 m. Thetwo small balls on the barbell are of massm = 0.4 kg. The apparatus is started in sucha way that the rod rotates clockwise with anangular speed !1 = 17 rad/s while the barbellrotates clockwise about its center with anangular speed !2 = 18 rad/s. Calculate the x component of the angu-lar momentum of the barbell due to rotationabout its own center, ~Lrot. Find the y component of the same vector.Answer in units of kg · m2/s Find the z component of the same vector.

8144094Barbell length d=0.4m, b=0.9m, m1 = m2 = m = 0.4kg , ?1 = 17rad/s & ?2 =18rad/s.ˆFixing a global coordinate system ,we get ?1 = ?17k, ?2 = ?18ˆ(at givenjˆ ? 18ˆ…


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