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It is often a useful approximation to treat a nucleus as a uniformly charged sphere of radius R and charge Q. a. Derive the electrostatic potential V(r) for (i) r > R (outside the nucleus) and (ii) R > r (inside the nucleus). Hint: this was derived in lecture. b. Estimate the electrostatic potential energy of a proton at the center of a (i) 12C nucleus and (ii) 208Pb nuclei? Use the radius function R = R0A 1/3 where R0 = 1.07 fm and A = atomic mass number of the nuclei. Useful hint: ke2 = 1.44 MeV?fm. c. The binding energy of electrons is typically of the order 10 eVs. Compare the nuclear binding energy to that of electrons, how do they compare? Explain why protons do not participate in chemical reactions in general?


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