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A mixture containing equal parts by mass of ethanol and water is distilled to create an ethanol-­?rich fraction collected at the top of the column and a water-­?rich fraction at the bottom.  The feed flows in at 1000 kg/hr and the water-­? rich bottom stream flows out at 675 kg/hr.  The ethanol-­?rich top stream contains

90.0 wt% ethanol.

(a)    Draw a schematic of the process and label what is known and unknown.

(b) Do a degrees-­?of-­?freedom analysis to demonstrate/determine if you have enough information to solve the problem.

(c)Calculate the mass flow rate of the ethanol-­?rich top stream as well as its water wt%.  Also calculate the composition of the water-­?rich bottom stream as wt% and as mol%.   


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