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captain kirk of the starship enterprise, has been told by his superiors that only a chemist can be trusted with the combination to the safe containing the dilithium crystals that power the ship. the combination is the pH of solution A, descibed below, followed by the pH of solution C. (example: if the pH of solution A is 3.47 and that of solution C is 8.15, then the combination to the safe is 3-47-8-15.) the chemist must determine the combination using only the information below (all solutions are at 25.0 Celcius): solution A is 50mL of a 0.100M solution of the weak monoprotic acid HXsolution B is a 0.0500M solution of the salt NaX. it has a pH of 10.02solution C is made by adding 15.0mL of 0.250M KOH to solution Awhat is the combination of the safe?


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