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David owns all the voting shares of PC and Wendy owns all the non-voting shares. PC earned 2017

active business income and taxable income of $500,000 after all expenses. Included in those expenses

was David’s $250,000 salary. PC has filed its T2 return, claiming a $500,000 small business (SB)

deduction, and has paid all 2017 corporate taxes owing and is up to date with instalments.

David works in the business full-time (he is the only dentist in the practice) but Wendy does not work in

the business. PC also paid Wendy a $50,000 eligible dividend (actual amount) in 2017 and David is

wondering if he should do this again in 2018. ( wont be submitting ur work as mine just need to know the answer and ill do it own my own.


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