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Imagine you are riding on a yacht in the ocean and traveling at 20 mph. You then hit a golf ball at 100 mph from the deck of the yacht. You see the ball move away from you at 100mph, while a person standing on a near by beach would observe your golf ball traveling at 120 mph (20 mph + 100 mph).

Now imagine you are aboard the Hermes spacecraft traveling at 0.1c (1/10 the speed of light) past Mars and shine a laser from the front of the ship. You would see the light traveling at c (the speed of light) away from your ship. According to Einstein’s special relativity, how fast will a person on Mars observe the light to be traveling?

A. 0.1c (1/10 the speed of light)

B. c (the speed of light)

C. 1.1c (c+0.1c)

I think its C but I want to double check


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