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Please answer the following question showing all necessary work for Finite Math.

1. Which of the following provides the correct solution to the system of linear equations3x+2y=—4- 5x—3y=25A. Solving the augmented matrix C. Solve using addition method 3 2 —4 5 _3 25 15x + 10y = —20 —15x + 931 = —75 B. Using graph of plotted equations below D. All these give correct solution Lbdo-Luéun’nisnblbiixo 2. Jen and Barry perform a survey of consumers about home meal salad preferences (“fresh” or “fast”). 405 consumers said they prefer to make fresh salad. 426 said they prefer to make saladfast (out of a bag). 331 said they prefer to make salad fresh and fast, While 0 (no one) said they prefer neither fresh nor fast. How many consumers did Jen and Barry survey?2.A. 821 C. 726 B. 500 D. 1152


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