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I need help figuring out how to come to the correct answer which is D – Please help.

28)28) A 90% confidence interval for the mean salary of all students gradutating from a university isat reject the null hypothesis HO : 1 = $8,000 vs. Ha : u # $8,000 at the 10% significanceBank is ($5,600, $7,800). Based on this confidence interval youApido not reject the null hypothesis 10 : p = $8,000 vs. Ha : p * $8,000 at the 5%uef reject the null hypothesis 10 : u = $8,000 vs. Ha : 1= $8,000 at the 10% significanceleveld) do not reject the null hypothesis H 0 : p = $8,000 vs. H a : p < $8,0100 at the $%significance level.level.the width of a confidence interval is to reduce the confidence level.(B) Falsesignificance the party performing the sampling experiment.A)e or False.B) False


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