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Consider the popgun in the figure below. The launching mechanism consists of a trigger-released spring. The spring is compressed to a position yA, and the trigger is fired. The projectile of mass m rises to a position yC above the position at which it leaves the spring, indicated in the figure as position yB = 0. Consider a firing of the gun for which m = 38.0 g, yA = -0.140 m, and yC = 22.0 m. Suppose, however, there is a friction force of magnitude 1.90 N acting on the projectile as it rubs against the interior of the barrel. The vertical length from point A to the end of the barrel is 0.620 m. (Hint: you may need to calculate the spring constant from the information given.)http:// After the spring is compressed and the popgun fired, to what height does the projectile rise above point B?


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