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1) A package is dropped from a plane which is flying with a constant horizontal velocity ofvA = 150 m?s-1.Determine the tangential and normal components of acceleration and the radius of curvature ofthe path of motion:a) At the moment the package is released at A (where it has the same velocity as the plane,and a height of h = 1500m.) and;b) Just before it hits the ground at B.2) `The pilot of a fighter plane F is following 1.5 km behind the pilot of bomber B. Both planesare originally travelling at 120 m?s-1. In an effort to pass the bomber, the fighter pilot giveshis plane a constant acceleration of 12 m?s-2. Determine the speed at which the bomber pilotsees the fighter plane pass if at the start of the passing operation the bomber is deceleratingat 3 m?s-2. Neglect the effect of any turning.


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