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Find the z-scores corresponding to the given areas under the standard normal distribution “bell curve”.

  1. )   The area to the left of z is 15%
  2. )   The area to the right of z is 65%.
  3. )   The area to the left of z is 10%.
  4. )   The area to the right of z is 5%.
  5. )   The area between -z and z is 95%. (Hint draw a picture and figure out the area to the left of the -z)
  6. )   The area between -z and z is 99%.

Remember, z is distributed as the standard normal distribution with mean ? = 0 and standard deviation ? = 1

For parts (a) through (d): Enter answers in decimal form rounded to nearest thousandth (3 places after decimal). Be sure to include sign! Examples of correctly entered answers:

0.000    -0.003   +0.070   +0.100   -0.395  +1.000


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