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In a TCP connection establishment phase, a three way handshake is used.

a. What does the basic timeline of the 3 way handshake look like? Client A, server B, and show packets (both their status and sequence numbers). Assume initial sequence number ISN(A) = x and ISN(B) = y.

b. Assume the connection uses port 12 of A and port 27 of B. what action does B take if it receivves another SYN packet with ISN=x from port 12 from A, shortly after first connection?

c. What if instead B received a SYN packet to another port of its own, say port 56, with ISN=x from some other port of A (port 33), shortly after first connection?

d. Is scenario in part 3 likely given events in a? why/why not? Given that first port from A used ISN = x, find probability that another port of A will use same ISN.


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