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  1. The active compound in Pepto-Bismol contains C, H, O, and Bi.
  2. When 0.22105 g of it was burned in excess O2, 0.1422 g of bismuth (III) oxide, 0.1880 g of carbon dioxide, and 0.02750 g of water were formed.  What is the empirical formula of this compound?

  3. Given the molar mass of 1086 g/mol, determine the molecular formula for the active compound.

  4. Complete and balance the acid-base reaction between bismuth (III) hydroxide and salicylic acid (HC7H5O3), which is used to form this compound.

  5. A dose of Pepto-Bismol contains 0.600 mg of active ingredient.  If the yield of the reaction in Part c is 88.0%, what mass in mg of bismuth (III) hydroxide is required to prepare one dose?  Only need help with the last bolded question!


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