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Part 1

Free Write: How do you argue with different people in your life? Provide an example for each subject:

– Family

– Friends

– Co-Workers/School Peers

– Strangers

Part 2

Review the required content for the Positionality Essay. In 500 words, unpack each of the 4 Core Content Areas for Positionality Methodology and each subcategory through the examples provided in your Free Write.

Four Core Content Areas for Ethnographic Methodology (and Subcategories)

  • Propositions (claims, main points, and subpoints)
  • Support (evidence, resources used: primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • Assumptions (making hidden assumptions explicit, Fallacy, Bias)
  • Persuasion (motivational appeals through Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos, tone)


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