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Write a 1 page essay on An report about Alan Cumming, Wole Soyinka, Froma Zeitlin in Bacchae.

So begins the festival of National Theater of Scotland production of Euripides’ ancient drama. In this tale of misused power, Dionysus, son the mortal Semele and Zeus, goes back to his native Thebes to be honored and recognized as divine only for King Penthus to shun him down (Gilbert 42).

Froma Zeitlin, a professor of Greek literature and women and gender scholar, brings about feminism in the Bacchae: if Pentheus’ defeat is due to feminization emblem, Dionysus’ effeminacy is then a sign of hidden strength and power. Convincing, as this view may look, it exposes the risk of underestimating the fact that it is precisely Dionysus identification as female that eventually gives him and his theater power (Gilbert


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