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The question is about Zheng V. Your New Car Calagry Inc., 2015 ABQB 121. Which one is correct?

Using your Legal Links, ?nd and read Zheng 1:. Your New Car Calgary inc., 2015 A393 121 . According to the decision: SEIEEI CHE: O a. The Court held that the Defendant, Mr. Wittenberg formed or used the Defendant, Your New Car Calgary Inc, for thepurpose of doing an unlawful or wronng act or created itto de?ect monies from their proper use. 0 b. The Defendants acknowledged that the Defendant, Your New Car Calgary Inc_, owed money to the Plaintiff but did notacknowledge that the Defendant, Mr. Wittenoerg was personally liable for the debt. 0 C. The Plaintiff in the ??i?f‘l W35 WRZ "1-3., an if’ICOI’leEiE? BMW. 0 d. The Court agreed with the Plaintiff that it was appropriate to lift the corporate veil in this case.


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