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I need some guidance to estimate the amount of funding I need for this stage of my property rental business for10 years, using my financial statements What area(s) do you notice a gap in funding (a shortfall in capital needed to fund future operations or projects)? Really evaluate, even if it’s $1,000 or $10,000; identify it. Evaluate those gaps to determine the cause of those gaps. Prioritize your funding needs. Priority for Funding Gap in Funding Amount of Gap Cause 1 Initial inventory Unsure Have not fully identified the amount of initial inventory needed. Have not calculated break-even point for sales. 2 Computer system $5,000 Do not have funding to cover this expense. 3 Submit matrix and a explanation for your prioritization. HOW DO I IDENTIFY FUNDING GAPS, ( A SHORTFALL IN CAPITAL TO FUND FUTURE OPERATIONS Larry


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