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Due to emfs) must be equal to the sum of voltage drops over the loop. R2 R1 I I=IR1+IR2 When starting a problem we have to assume something about the direction of the currents through each line. Which of the following cannot be correct? What is Kirchhoff II for the right small loop (with R2 and R3)? A) I3R3+I2R2=0 b) I3R3-I2R2=0 c) I3R3-I2R2+V=0 What is Kirchhoff II for the loop (with V,R4 and R3)? What is the power dissipated by R3? 12V 12V 12V At which point (A,B,C,D) is the potential highest and at which point lowest? All resistors are equal. Circuit breakers are designed to cut off power if the current becomes too high. In a house a circuit breaker is rates at 15A and is connected to a line that holds a coffee maker (1200 W) and a toaster (1800 W). If the voltage is 120 V, will the breaker cut off power?


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