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Sorry for the last confusion. I attached the document if it can be of any help.After completing part III of the experiment, I was able to fill out the initial mass of aspirin sample (0.1027) in Table 3 and abosrbance of aspirin sample (0.4555). From here, the part that I’m confused on is how to fill out the last five boxes with the given data I have (moles of salicylic acid in aspirin sample, mass of salicylic acid in aspirin sample, mass of aspirin in sample, percent purity of aspirin, and percent yield aspirin in sample).If it is necessary, here are my other data:Table I: Synthesis of Aspirin2.00495.0Mass of acetic anhydride used (vol. × 1.08 g/mL) 5.42.4215Table IIb: Data for Salicylic Acid Standard SolutionsConcentration (M) Absorbance0.3970.3510.331voided0.152Molar absorptivity of salicylic acid was 635.94Thank you.


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