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 Instructions: A major flaw in any organization is the passivity of the members. Ames, Hansen, Pollard, Snowden, and Manning did not exist in a vacuum – others saw potential problems, but almost no one reported them.

Search the internet for a real world security concern – or go here ( or here (http:// – since this is not a search exercise.

Determine if there is a potential problem – select an avenue to address your concern – and post OR send me a 1 page (200 word) reflection of what/who you would inform, what you found, what threats and vulnerabilities you determined were potentially present and who/whom you reported it to.

Number of Pages: 1 PagePage Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default)Number of Slides : No slides neededDeadline: 3 daysAcademic Level: CollegePaper Format: APA 


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