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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Weekly Inventory Practice.

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Weekly inventory practice In the calculation of the inventories of different transactions there is a need to learn more on the best ways of doing the tasks (Quick, Schoop and Jeusfeld). There are already styles and formulas that are in use in calculating the given ratios (Quick, Schoop and Jeusfeld). The following are the solutions of the problem in the weekly inventory exercise. Problem one solution The annual demand for SKU 10075 units The units per one order are 650 units a. The average inventory 10075/2= 5037.5 b. The number of order that are in the year 10075/650= 15.5 0rders Problem two solutions a. Annual cost of ordering= number of order*cost per unit (Quick, Schoop and Jeusfeld) (10000/600)*$30= $500 b.


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