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What are main difference (chemical structure, physiochemical properties, economical, ease of use) between these 3 colorimetry tests namely (1) Potassium thiocyanate (std series but without beer Lambert plot -only visual by eye) (2)ron Thiocyanate Spot Test,(3) Iron Oxinate spot Test in identity of Fe in an unkown. Also among the 3 which is considered most easiest to use.Why?

(b) List 5 advantagesof spot test(oxinate and Iron thiocyanate) over comparison of coloured solution(Potassium Thiocyanate) and which would give most confidence in the identity of anFe in an unkown.

(c)List 2 sources of experimental errors and show how it would affect the result obtain when idenitfying Fe in unknown with the above tests?

(d) How could the confidence improve, and how would the errors reduced in this analysis of Fe in unkow


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